Frequently Asked Questions

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Thank you for your interest in having Pool Water Specialists assist you.  We have anticipated some of your questions, as summarised below.

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Can you provide me with SIMPLE pool water care instructions?

Yes – in a nutshell – pump must run, filter must be clean, pH needs to be between 7.4-7.6, TA needs to be between 80-125 for concrete pools and 125-150 for synthetic pools, calcium needs to be between 200-275 for concrete pools and 175-225 for synthetic pools, algeacide should be present…. and then your sanitiser (chlorine/ozone/salt/minerals) will be effective! Keep Free Chlorine levels between 1-3, Total Chlorine should be no more than FC+1. Watch the video overview below, and read more our simple guide here.

Can you provide me with SIMPLE spa water care instructions?

Yes – in a nutshell – pump must run, filter must be clean, pH needs to be between 7.4-7.6, TA needs to be between 125-150, calcium needs to be between 175-225 …. and then your sanitiser (chlorine/bromine/ozone/salt) will be effective! Keep Free Chlorine levels between 2-4, Total Chlorine should be no more than FC+1. Watch the video overview below, and read more our simple guide here. To get you ready to go, consider purchasing one of our Spa Pool Start Up Kits and to make balancing even easier, use BioGuard Spa Perfect Balance – an all-in-one product that helps control the pH, Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness levels. See the second video for an overview.

I need some advice - can I call you?

Yes! Ally would prefer to chat with you about your pool concerns to ensure you order the correct products for your needs. Having been in the pool industry since 2005, her wealth of knowledge can be drawn upon easily over the phone. Call her now on 027 557 5072.

What is your freight policy?

Freight charges for orders are calculated by weight and destination.

Orders meeting the advertised freight-free offer parameters* will have freight charges waived.  Any Rural Delivery and/or Dangerous Goods surcharges will still apply.

*Our Freight-Free offer advertised on our home page applies only to orders under 25kg Auckland, elsewhere under 15kg.

For freight charges and Pacific Island enquiries, please email [email protected].

What is your returns policy?

Our Returns Policy: We stock quality pool and spa products and are confident that you will be very pleased with your purchase. If for any reason you are not satisfied please return it to us for a refund or exchange within 7 days of the purchase date. The refund will cover the purchase price of the returned product, including return shipping.

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Help! My pool has gone green!

Don’t panic – best option here is to call Ally now on 027 557 5072. She will ask all the right questions, provide you with the answers and plan the best ‘plan of attack’ for you to fix the problem yourself. You will need to add a few products and apply a bit of elbow grease, but it’s really not that hard! Visit Green Pool Rescue page for more information.

Can you test my pool water?

Yes! Pool Water Specialists offers mobile pool and spa water testing and pool care product delivery on the Hibiscus Coast and Rodney, North Shore and central Auckland areas. Balanced water will ensure less brushing, less filter cleaning, less work! If scooping leaves is no bother to you, our mobile water testing service will make managing your pool a breeze.

What is 'water balance', how do I get it right, and why?

To ensure your pool or spa is always working at its best, it is important to have the ‘balance’ correct.  This will ensure your pool is healthy and safe to bathe in, look inviting, be comfortable, and to protect your pool’s surface and equipment including heaters, pumps and filtration systems.  Watch the short videos below for the why and how questions – Video 1: Pools | Video 2: Spas.

Will the BioGuard 3 Step Program help me 'DIY' my pool care?

Good news! You are capable of controlling your own pool water health, and the ultimate care of your family, valuable pool, and equipment.

By following your pool manufacturers instructions and the BioGuard 3 Step program, your pool will be healthy, clear and sparkling every day. Pool Water Specialists will happily assist you getting started and moving forward…with friendly, professional advice. For more information, click here, and watch this informative short video:

How many litres is my pool? How to calculate the volume of your pool.

In order to know correct filtration hours and to calculate chemical quantities, we need to know the volume of our pool.  Watch this short video below :

The size of your pool will determine how long you need to run your pump and filter, and of course what dosage rates to apply your chemicals. Running your pump and filter for longer than necessary will waste electricity. Not running them long enough will mean your water isn’t sufficiently clean or healthy for swimming.

Likewise, adding a too high dosage rate of chemicals can damage your pool equipment, or cause a concentration of chemistry in the water that isn’t safe or comfortable. A too weak dosage will mean the chemicals are ineffective in doing their job. This is not only a waste of money, but may also cause your pool to be unsafe to swim in, as it may not be sanitised properly.

This is why it’s imperative to know how many litres are in your pool! You’ll need a measuring tape to calculate the following formula. Alternatively, you can watch our short, helpful video above on how to measure your pool here.

Pool volume (Litres) = length (m) x width (m) x average depth (m) x 1000 (to convert to litres).

You can determine the average depth (without getting wet) by placing your leaf scoop pole into the shallow end of the pool until it touches the bottom. After you’ve taken the pole out, lay it on the ground. With a measuring tape, measure from the bottom of the pole, up to the mark the waterline made on the pole. Do the same with the deep end. Use the following formula to calculate the average depth of your pool.

Average depth (m) = shallow end (m) x deep end (m) ÷ 2

Once you know your pool’s volume, you can be assured you’re running your equipment efficiently, protecting your pool equipment, and dosing your chemicals effectively!

What is the difference between a salt pool and a chlorine pool?

Both pools are chlorine pools – the difference is the way we apply the chlorine to our pool – watch this short video below:

What chlorine product is best for me? Tablets or granular?

Pools vary, and so do we!  Some of us are too busy to tend to a pool on a daily basis so a chlorine tablet would be ideal, and some are happy to add a granular product on a daily basis.  Some pools don’t have a skimmer basket (eg. Swim Spas), so tablets cannot be used.  Some pools have a tablet dispenser plumbed in, so tablets are very easy to use!  Review the chart below for the best option (or download the PDF) for you or call us on 0275575072 to discuss.

How do I clean my salt cell? It has white deposits on it!

If your salt cell has white deposits on the plates it requires cleaning! Watch this short video below for the correct use of BioGuard Salt Cell Cleaner .  We also recommend adding BioGuard’s Salt Pool Stain and Scale Remover.

What setting should I run my salt cell at?

This depends on the seasons and how much use the pool is getting – to help, watch this short video below :

How do I safely handle liquid acid?

Watch this short video below for handy tips on handling pool acid.  We suggest using an alternative product: dry acid, or Sodium Bisulphate.  Available in smaller pack sizes called Lo’N’Slo or ProGuard’s 25kg bag.

How do backwash my filter?

Watch this short video below for the correct backwashing procedure to ensure correct handling of your expensive filtration equipment, and to provide safe, clear and inviting pool water to swim in.

How do I clean my filter with BioGuard Filter Brite?

Watch this short video below for the correct use of BioGuard Filter Brite for cartridge and sand/glass filters.  This includes backwashing procedures to ensure correct handling of your expensive filtration equipment, and to provide safe, clear and inviting pool water to swim in.

How do I clean the pump basket?

To protect your pump, and minimise phosphates ensure your pump basket is free of debris (leaves, sticks and seeds etc). Watch this short video below :

How do I clean the skimmer basket?

To assist in efficient filtration and to reduce phosphates it is important to empty your skimmer basket daily if required – to help, watch this short video below :

How do I remove fine dust particles from my pool?

There are several ways to achieve this, and/or a few products you could use –  watch this short video below.  Suggested products include Super Clear Clarifying Tabs, Polysheen Plus, Pool Complete, and for spas – Crystal Clear.

How do I stop ducks from swimming in my pool?

It’s simple – watch this short video below and purchase BioGuard AgiGuard.

How do I clean my spa surfaces, filters and pipes?

With use and age, spa pools can deteriorate.  BUT, in order to keep your spa in pristine condition, you will regularly need to clean it. BioGuard recommends a simple 3 step process using BioGuard Spa Squeaky Clean™, Filter Renew® and Swirl Away®. Please watch the video below for tips:


My spa is foamy - help!

Spa foam occurs for a variety of reasons, including residual detergent from clothing or bathers washing off in the spa, or a build-up of body oils in the water. BioGuard Spa Foam Go™ eliminates foam in seconds! Watch this short video

r tips:



How long will my spa or pool filter cartridge last?

Magnum filter cartridges do not have a defined termination point, but over a period of time your cartridge will gradually block up and will need replacing.

There are three factors in determining whether you cartridge needs replacing:

The cartridge gets blocked quickly, and you have to clean your cartridge more often.
Restricted water flow and high differential pressure (differential pressure is the difference between the pressure coming in and the pressure going out).
A cracked or damaged cartridge (this is very rare, and is usually caused by incorrect installation or high differential pressure).

In a spa or pool with very high usage you will need to change the cartridge within a year, but normally between 18 months and 2 years.

How often should I clean my spa or pool filter cartridge?

Because a filter is designed to collect unwanted particles, debris, oils, soaps etc, it will need to be cleaned periodically. Basically the more you use your spa or pool, the more often you have to clean the filter cartridge. From very high usage (every 2-3 weeks) to low usage (every 2 months).

A blocked cartridge can put undue pressure on your pump and motor and decrease the life of these parts.

Please use BioGuard Filter Brite or BioGuard Spa Filter Renew to clean your filters on a regular basis.