Mobile Water Testing Tuition

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Do-it-yourself pool care

– Let Pool Water Specialists teach you to care for your pool or spa

– no driving, no valet fees

Hibiscus Coast and Rodney – Mobile Pool Store

BioGuard’s simple 3 Step Program empowers you to take care of your own pool water quality with ease.  Pool Water Specialists simplifies this even more by teaching you how to look after your pool/spa and provides pool care product delivery on the Hibiscus Coast and Rodney district.  Balanced water will ensure less brushing, less filter cleaning, less work!  If scooping leaves is no bother to you, and you have a pool robot – manage the water yourself!

Mobile Pool Health Check includes:

  • On-site water test using the most innovative water analysis technology.  This enables us to provide positive solutions for your pool and spa maintenance program.  Our test includes: TDS & salt, total chlorine, free chlorine, pH & demand, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, cyanuric acid. If required, we also test for phosphates, copper, iron, manganese and chlorine demand should there be any concerns.
  • Pool Equipment check – visual inspection of pumps, filters, skimmers.
  • Spa Pool filter inspection and clean if required.
  • Delivery of necessary sanitisers, oxidisers, balance and specialty products as required to ensure your stocks are maintained.
  • A detailed report of water quality status and ‘to-do’ list with dosage instructions and service recommendations.

Service options:

  • $65.00 ph*      Single-visit pool health check + chemicals (ideal for getting started, or for holiday maintenance)
    Includes tutorial on pool water maintenance, advice, and recommendations.
  • $100.00*    Green Pool Rescue call out + chemicals, (additional visits $70.00 as required).
  • * Mileage fee charged for destinations beyond Silverdale, Millwater, Orewa and Hatfields Beach urban areas.

Please email us now detailing your requirements and contact details, or call us on 027 557 5072 for a friendly chat about your pool.