BioGuard 3 Step Program

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Good news!  You are capable of controlling your own pool water health, and the ultimate care of your family, valueable pool, and equipment.

By following your pool manufacturers instructions and the BioGuard 3 Step program, your pool will be healthy, clear and sparkling every day. Pool Water Specialists will happily assist you getting started and moving forward…with friendly, professional advice.

Step 1 – Healthy Water

Sanitising is the first step to a healthy pool. A sanitiser, otherwise known as chlorine or salt (for salt pools), will clean your water by killing bacteria, but it won’t do the whole job.

For instance, simply using a sanitiser will mean:

  • Only 20% of the chlorine kills bacteria
  • 40% is used to clear cloudy water
  • 40% is used to kill algae

It’s important to note that the regular application of a sanitiser is essential in any pool maintenance schedule, but – as the BioGuard 3 Step Program outlines – only when used in conjunction with other products.

Step 2 – Sparkling Clear Water

To really make your water sparkle, the use of an oxidiser is paramount. Essentially, it removes impurities from the water – allowing the chlorine to really do its work. You’ll also find that a properly oxidised pool won’t irritate the eyes or skin. But, you’re not finished yet:

  • Now 60% of the chlorine will be killing bacteria
  • But 40% of the chlorine is still struggling to remove algae

Step 3 – No Green Pool

Algae spores are always present, and when they become active they thrive on waste within the water. To remove and prevent algae from your pool, you will always need to use an algaecide. It also guarantees the success of your chlorine and oxidiser. By following all 3 steps:

  • 100% of your chlorine is working to destroy harmful bacteria

Watch the informative video below, and Contact us for specialist advice on your pool and maintenance program, or visit the Pool Water Specialists online store now.