Simple Pool Water Care Instructions

Follow these Simple Rules to keep your pool healthy, clear and sparkling… everyday!

  • Always follow label directions.
  • Always run the pump and filter for a minimum of 4 hours per day in winter, and 10 hours per day in summer. This ensures your pool water has been circulated and filtered, helping to prevent algae and bacteria growth.
  • Ensure eyeball return fittings are angled downward at 45 degrees to reach dead spots.
  • Having correctly balanced pool water reduces scale, prolongs the life of your equipment and ensures all chemicals are working together effectively. Poorly balanced water wastes money and increases the risk of damage to pool surfaces and equipment. Always maintain a pH level of between 7.4 and 7.6.
  • Scum lines that build up around the water line are a food source for bacteria and algae. Remove them with BioGuard Squeaky Clean.
  • Debris should be removed from the pool and skimmer box on a regular basis. Pool surfaces should also be brushed regularly.
  • If you have a salt pool, remove scale build-up from your salt cell with BioGuard Salt Cell Cleaner and adjust the salt chlorinator to reduce the level of chlorine output.
  • To help keep the water clean and bacteria-free, use BioGuard Smarter Sticks or Pacific Blue Power Tabs to maintain a chlorine level of 1 to 2 ppm.
  • If possible, have your pool water professionally tested by Pool Water Specialists at least once a month during winter (and more often during summer).

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