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Filter Media – Glass – AFMng

Dryden Aqua – Activated Filter Media Ng (AFM) 21kg

Certified 1 micron filtration without flocculation.  AFM is a direct replacement for sand and crushed glass. Tested and proven to double the performance of sand filters and outperform all other media on the market. Contact Us now for recommendations on quantities and freight costs.

Available in:
  • Ng Grade 1 - Fine 0.4-0.8mm - $99.00 inc GST
  • Ng Grade 2 - Medium 0.7-2.0mm - $99.00 inc GST
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Product Description

A highly engineered, premium product manufactured from a specific glass, processed to obtain the ideal particle size and shape. Guaranteed for the life of the filter.AFM®ng: Filters 95% of all particles down to 1 micron.

  • AFM® : Filters 95% of all particles down to 4 microns.
  • Sand: Filters 95% of all particles down to 20 microns.
  • Glassand: Filters 95% of all particles >25 microns.

AFM® ng undergoes a new activation process to increase its surface area and to make it hydrophobic (non polar). Dryden Aqua has developed AFM® ng to remove organics and microplastics from the water – certified 1 micron filtration without flocculation.  Any non polar chemical will be more difficult to dissolve into water and it will tend to float like oil, or be adsorbed on to a non polar hydrophobic surface.
Organic matters are the precursor for the formation of Trihalomethanes (THMs), including chloroform. Thanks to its large hydrophobic area and highly mesopourous structure, AFM® ng can filter much finer particles and approximately 50% more organic substances than sand. High filtration performance means less disinfectants are used, resulting in healthier water and better air quality at lower costs. Please contact us to discuss quantity required for your filter and a freight quote.

  • more than doubles the performance of an existing filtration system without the need for additional investments
  • is not subject to biodynamic instability and will never allow untreated water to pass the filter
  • substantially lowers chlorine oxidation demand by up to 50%
  • lowers backwash water demand by an average of 50%
  • is expected to last for the life of the filtration system
  • provides quick return on investment

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Weight 22 kg



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