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Spa Oxidiser

BioGuard SPA Purity 50g sachets

Currently on back order – not available in NZ at present – no ETA. We suggest purchasing BioGuard Spa Armour Sanitiser and Oxidiser, or one 450g sachet of BioGuard LITE, using 30g per dose.  Add to your Wishlist and we will notify you when it is back in stock.

A unique patented blend of oxidising and clarifying agents designed to eliminate chloramines and musty odours. Use one packet per 2000l pool, (Half a packet for 1000l pools).

Available in:
  • 12 x Sachets 50g - $79.00 inc GST
  • Single Sachet 50g - $8.00 inc GST

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Product Description

The combination of hot water and heavy use places a high demand on the oxidiser used in a spa. Even over a short period of time, spas can accumulate substantial waste material from a variety of sources, including the bathers themselves, animals, insects, pollutants and the general environment. These wastes cause the same problems that swimming pools suffer from, such as dull, cloudy water that’s irritating to the skin and eyes with an increased incidence of resistant algae. Regular oxidation is needed to break these wastes down. Due to their minute size, the particles that sometimes result are not capable of being filtered out without some form of clarifier.

  • Unique blend of oxidising and clarifying agents
  • Totally soluable and dissolves almost instantly.
  • Eliminates chloramines and musty odours
  • Can be used in chlorine or bromine spas.
  • Keeps water sparkling by quickly eliminating undesirable compounds.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Allows bathers back in spa within one hour.
  • Storage and transport friendly.
  • Eliminates organic waste.



  • 372g/kg available chlorine present as Sodium dichloroisocyanurate.
  • Also contains 100g/kg Sodium tetraborate pentahydrate
  • Classified as Non-Dangerous Good*

*Classified as Non-Dangerous Good according to the Australian Dangerous Goods Code 7.5 Edition and New Zealand Standard 5433.

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